Comparing interest rates may be important but it is not the only factor when deciding on the best suited mortgage for your lifestyle, needs and investment strategies.  We have provided a list below to help you to be aware of some of the other things to consider when you are comparing your mortgage and other loan products. Our professional loan experts are here to make sure that you get the best possible loan product that suits your personal needs as well as has the most competitive interest rate as possible.

  • Loan Flexibility: Life is ever changing and sometimes your personal circumstances may require some flexibility in your loan payments or even re-draws. There are countless loan products with a wide range of options that we can fit to your needs. This may include making additional repayments or accessing a re-draw when it is needed.
  • Interest rates and other fees: Bank fees, account fees and other sometimes hidden fees can affect your loan repayments. It is very important to know about all fees and charges that will affect your repayment before entering into a mortgage. We can simplify this entire process for making sure of full disclosure of all fees and charges. This helps us to provide a better overview of the pros and cons of each loan and helps you to achieve the best possible interest rate.
  • Customer service: Depending on your personal circumstances customer service may be a vital part of your loan. It is often the case that a low cost loan will come with very little customer service. We focus on understanding your requirements and circumstance to make sure that you receive the customer service that you needs.
  • Are there application and early pay out fees: Loans that have lower interest rates may have hidden costs such as early pay out fees and application fees which may or may not suit your circumstances. We can help you to understand the pros and cons of each loan product and find the right match for you.

We also recommend that you complete a financial health check. This will help us to understand your current position and can open up many more options. Contact us today and we will help you to choose the right loan to your personal needs.

Note: We recommend you also seek advice from your accountant or financial advisor on investment strategies and plans for your own personal circumstances.