At Mortgage Brokers Northern Beaches we offer independent and reliable advice on a wide range of property investment loans and strategies. Property investment is one of the most successful and popular investment strategies for wealth creation.

Martyn Williams has maintained and strengthened his bank contacts whilst also gaining experience and working with smaller lenders too. Martyn also invests in property himself. We have a wealth of experience of working with property investors and have a streamlined process that both simplifies and fast tracks the loan process.

Our property investment specialists can help you with;

  • What your potential total repayments will be across all of your loans
  • The total borrowing potential you have
  • Pre-approval for a range of strategies
  • Which loan products suits which investment strategy
  • Property investment consolidation products and strategies

Contact us today and we will help you to choose the right loan to your personal needs.

Note: We recommend you also seek advice from your accountant or financial adviser on investment strategies and plans for your own personal circumstances.